Ian T, Obstetrician/Gynecologist: “I had extra pairs of glasses all over the place, but the worst was playing hockey; glasses would fog up and contacts would pop out during play…Mitch Shultz M.D., Doctor Recommended…I did my research. Highly qualified, on the “cutting edge.” Don’t trust your eyes to anyone else!”

Steve M, Optometrist: “They do a great job with lots of smiles. (Dr. Shultz) Technique and outcomes were just what I was looking for in a center to refer my patients to.”

Virma J, Retail Sales: “I now can read, drive, read menus at restaurants, see my computer clearly all without glasses. I feel as though a heavy burden has been lifted. I feel young and free.” “Dr. Shultz did an excellent job. He was very kind and patient with me. He talked me through the whole procedure, which put me at ease.”

Dara S, Psychologist: “Thank you for changing my life!” “I can see my clock at night, the TV and my children without having to worry about being so dependent on my glasses.”

Alan J, Attorney: “Dr. Mitchell exceeded all my lofty expectations. I consulted four other doctors prior to choosing him and I have no regrets whatsoever.”

Jeff F, Accountant/CPA: “LASIK has given me so much freedom, and it is truly a miracle. I was somewhat skeptical because it sounded too good to be true, but I am totally convinced that having LASIK was one of the best decisions I’ve made…Dr. Shultz has proven to me that he is a fantastic doctor. I believe that things couldn’t have worked out more perfectly. With something like this, you have to put your complete faith in the doctor, and I’m glad I did it with Dr. Shultz.”

Lori W, Educational Consultant: “You are terrific, and Cory is delightful.” ”If I was not comfortable with either of you, I would have looked elsewhere.”

Kim B, Mom: “Dr. Shultz, you are the man! Obviously an excellent surgeon, but also a fun and caring person. I used to work for a surgeon, and I know how important a good bedside manner is. You’ve got it all.”

Steven B, Business Owner: “I shopped around! There were cheaper places, but I didn’t feel any of them were as knowledgeable and professional as Dr. Mitchell Shultz and his staff!”

Nicolina C, Real Estate Agent: “Doctor Shultz, you have a great gift. You are very gentle with your surgical procedure. It exceeded my expectations” “Before coming to this office, I had considered LASIK and consulted other offices. I did not get the same confidence I got here. God Bless you, Thanks!!”

Lois E, Business Owner: Dr. Shultz is the best. We own our own business, so when I got a little freaked the Saturday after the procedure and he dropped what he was doing and was looking at my eyes 20 minutes later, I was more impressed.”

Todd S, Mortgage Banker: “I really appreciated (Dr. Shultz’s) directness…his words of encouragement during the actual procedure and overall outstanding experience. Dr. Shultz’ staff is very professional, courteous, thoughtful and well-organized…Thank you for substantially improving my quality of life!!”

Martha M, Clerk: “I am grateful for a job well done. He (Dr. Shultz) is a perfectionist in his job.”

James H, Video Editor/Writer: “Both Cory and Dr. Shultz were friendly and full of information. My incessant questions were met with answers, not impatience. Dr. Shultz came highly recommended to me, and I would pass on the recommendation to anyone who was considering LASIK.”

David F, Physician: “I am very appreciative of his (Dr. Shultz) expertise and experience. I had thought about doing this procedure for several years, and I am glad that I made the decision to finally do it.”

Danny F, Fireman: “I can see now that life is beautiful, not being attached to glasses. Being able to read street signs while at work will be a blessing. I feel like I have the vision of when I was 18…. This LASIK is magic!!!”

Abbie R, Jewelry Designer: “I had monovision and I am extremely happy. I am able to see distance beautifully, read with no effort and I can now see the computer without being three inches from it!” “I appreciate Dr. Shultz’s patience in helping me to make the decision at my own pace. I’m also very happy in the way he explained every step of the surgery before he performed it.”

Kathy S, Housewife: “I never have to think about having glasses with me, I can run without glasses falling off my face…. Your follow up attention is excellent. You are very patient with so many of my questions and concerns. You made me feel very secure with this procedure. Your work is the best!!!”

Lucy J, Flight Attendant: “You did a great job. You made a blind women see.”

Tim T, Computer Programmer: Being able to see 20/15 without glasses has truly changed my life! I feel great and am extremely happy to have thrown away my glasses.”

Betsy H, Motivational Speaker: “Talk about freedom! I can see everything and feel like I have a whole new life. I can see people’s faces in my seminars and can actually see nametags from afar! Dr. Mitch is the best, with such wonderful care and kindness…you gave me a freedom I haven’t had since childhood!”

Leah C, Pharmaceutical Sales: “Dr. Shultz, It’s a real treat to see the work without glasses. Thank you for making that happen.”

Tami L, Marketing: “To have my eyes corrected from 20/400 in one eye and 20/800 in the other eye to 20/15 in both eyes in just a matter of seconds is truly unbelievable, but it is precisely what happened…. I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to you and your staff for the time you all took to thoroughly examine my eyes, explain the procedure to me and carry it out with perfection.”

Melanie H., TV Engineer: “I completely appreciate the friendliness and competency of the staff. I feel like a person, not a number from a chart….Dr. Shultz is awesome! It is obvious that he is genuinely interested in providing the best service for vision correction.”

Jennifer B, Film Producer: “Now everyone can see my beautiful eyes! Thanks and keep up the great work!”

Peter F, Optician: “Time and again, you have made yourself available for us, given your utmost to our patients and extended yourself without reservation. For all this, we are greatly appreciative.”

Danny G, Commercial Real Estate Developer: “I Had RK by another doctor about five years ago…I was not 100% satisfied. Thanks to your skills and talent, my vision is great. You must be proud to be able to improve the vision and lives of so many people.”

Yolanda G, Project Coordinator: “I did a lot of research before my surgery. Checked out a lot of surgeons and their credentials, and I am confident that choosing Dr. Shultz was the right thing. Thank you, Dr. Shultz, for changing my life.”

Tony T, Director of Hospital Maintenance: “I think he’s great, wonderful man, whose talent for healing is a blessing.”

Elizabeth K, Professional Make-up Artist: “I can see, I can see, I can see!!! 20/20 the next day and I am happy I did monovision. I want to thank Dr. Shultz for all his patience. I felt reassured and had total confidence in him, and I know his skilled background was a plus for me in choosing him as my surgeon.”

Kim E, Speech Pathologist: “I’m Free….Your calming voice and easy manner made the procedure much less scary and much more enjoyable. Thank You!”

Faith M, Teacher: “Mitchell Shultz, M.D., you are phenomenal. Thanks for your attention to detail and for correcting my vision.”

Bert A, University Professor: “Restored my vision of my youth. Now I can give my wife a sexy look….greatest service, calmed my fears about the surgery and always a pleasure to come and see.”

Alexis K, Attorney: “I appreciate Dr. Shultz’s patience in working with me, my special needs and the manner in which he made me comfortable. I would recommend him to anyone.”

Dhayn L, Aesthetician: “It really helps to get your day really going when all you have to do to have wonderfully clear vision is “wake up”…How wonderful Dr. Shultz’s surgical skills are to have corrected my vision to a sharpness and clarity I’ve not had since age 9.”

Mark A, Painting Contractor: “It’s unbelievable, I can see the leaves on the trees, the mountains, street signs!! Things I have passed every day for years that I didn’t know existed!”

Barbara B, Business Owner: “I’m so appreciative of the gift of sight without glasses/contacts, I can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner. I’ll be one of Dr. Shultz’s biggest “PR” people as I think he’s the greatest!”

Cathy Carr, Consultant: I wish Dr. Shultz was a doctor of all specialties!! So I could just see him for all my health care. He is very nice and advises you of each procedure as they come up.”

Valerie R, Teacher: “Dr. Shultz really is tops. Talk about putting you at ease! He also provided me with information on my eyes that no other doctor discussed with me. The surgery was smooth and pain-free. Thanks to Dr. Shultz’s skill. I highly respect his talent!”

Kami R, Talent Agent: “It’s pretty nice waking up every day and actually being able to READ THE CLOCK! It’s the simple things like that that make the biggest difference. No irritation, no hassle. What a liberating experience…Dr. Shultz was amazing. From the moment I met him, I KNEW I was in good hands. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!”

Wil O, Police Officer: “Wonderful, I’m able to read street signs from a distance that I couldn’t be able to make out before…Dr. Shultz’s professionalism meant a lot to me.

Kevin P, Scuba Instructor: “I went diving one month after surgery and have been doing it ever since with my mask on or off underwater, eyes open and closed.”